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Australian Kelpies


Amakhosi Australian Kelpies:

I have long had a love of the Australian Kelpie, having owned a non show Kelpie many years ago.

When I began my judging career and was learning about The Working Dog Group, I re- established my interest in the Kelpie. When I was an Open Show judge, I often looked at the Kelpies entered under me, and thought about purchasing one again. This desire finally came to fruition, when I discussed purchasing a pup with Di Kent, from Oatland Kelpies. The young pup we purchased was a black Kelpie bitch we named Abby ( Oatland Just Do It). I had to dissuade my family from calling her 'Nike' for obvious reasons!

'Abby' joined our Rhodesian Ridgeback family and fitted in immediately. At this time, we were living on a farm in Geham, Qld. 'Abby' enjoyed living on the farm and helping us with stock work (cattle). She is fantastic with our poultry and has never attempted to attack them. We are able to have all of our dogs, Kelpie and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, running freely with any of our chickens!

We plan to build on our Australian Kelpie component of our kennels in future years, and hope to develop a sound reputation in this breed as well.

We would like to thank Di Kent for allowing Abby to enter our lives and begin this new journey with us.


My girls!
Kirra and Abby! I love working with these two!
My girls! Kirra and Abby! I love working with these two!