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About Amakhosi

We would like you to view our dogs and learn about our wonderful breed the Rhodesian Ridgeback! We have recently begun our venture into Australian Kelpies, and we are currently developing our kennel. Please refer to the Australian Kelpie pages for information about this wonderful Australian breed.

Our Kennel name, 'Amakhosi', translated from the Zulu language means, 'the Place of the Kings'

We have been involved in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed for over 16 years, mainly with Conformation shows, endurance trialling and some obedience. Our dogs are part of our life and live in the house with our family, not in kennels. We currently have 3 dogs living with us: Kisima and Makani and our Australian Kelpie called Abby. We have also included information and photos on some of the other dogs we have bred.

All of our Rhodesian Ridgeback,breeding dogs are hip and elbow xrayed and scored by the Australian Veterinary Association for dysplasia, and they are all within the acceptable limits for breeding purposes. We will not breed with dogs outside these limits. We may only breed 1 -2 or even no litters each year. We are not in the business of mass production of puppies, but are very discerning and will only have a litter when we feel the time is correct for the bitch and us, and we have found a mate compatible with our girls! Temperament and breed type is paramount in our selection process. We want the offspring from our dogs to be able to fit in with their new families! Our children are encouraged to play with the puppies, so they are used to being around young humans! We also encourage all of our new owners to socialize and partake in 'puppy preschools'and obedience training of their puppy, so that it is well behaved when out and about!

The Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Australian Kelpie, are loving, faithful and highly intelligent dogs, but may not be the dog for everyone. Our Australian Kelpies are Show or Bench Kelpies and make wonderful companions for families, but they can be more active then some other breeds of dogs. I encourage potential owners to investigate the breeds thoroughly before purchasing. Remember, all puppies are cute, but they will be living with you for 10 – 14 years, so please make the correct choice!

We hope you enjoy viewing our 4 legged family members, and offspring. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the dogs or any future litters.

A very informative website on Rhodesian Ridgebacks is an American site called Kalahari Rhodesian Ridgebacks, which is owned by Sandra Fikes: http://kalaharirr.tripod.com/home.html