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Welcome to Amakhosi Australian Kelpies and Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Our names are Jessica and Sean and we are the proud owners of some fantastic ambassadors of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Australian Kelpie Breeds. We show our dogs, but they are also very much a part of our busy household. We have 3 sons who love playing with the dogs. All of our pups have had exposure to children as we make sure that the pups are handled (under supervision) by our sons.

Jessica has an ANKC Championship license to Judge dogs in Group 3 Gundogs; Group 4 Hounds and Group 5 Working Dogs. She is also licensed to Judge Group 2: Terriers and Group 7: Non Sporting at Open show level in Queensland.

We would love you to take the time to visit the pages on our website.
We have divided our website into two sections: Australian Kelpies and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. This makes it easier to find the dogs you are interested in.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback pages depict our current Rhodesian Ridgeback show dogs Kisima and Makani, plus some of the progeny we have bred here at Amakhosi as well as our foundation dogs; Micky, Sarabi and Tandi. We are extremely proud of the dogs we have bred, some of which are being shown in USA and Germany, with progeny from Micky being in New Zealand, USA and Spain.

Our Australian Kelpie section is much newer, as we began our journey with this unique breed in 2009.

In 2009, we purchased Abby (Ch Oatland Just Do It), who is an Australian Kelpie. She is a wonderful dog and loves everyone! I told her breeder that she would end up acting like a RR, and she has! Thank you to Di Kent from Oatland Kennels for allowing Abby to join our family! She joins Makani and Kisima as part of our show team. Abby is our foundation Kelpie, and we are looking forward to our new journey into the development of our Australian Kelpie kennel.

Kirra is our first home bred Australian Kelpie, and we are all thoroughly enjoying our journey with her! She is introducing us to Herding and sheep trialling! Have a look at our herding page to see Abby and Kirra in action.

There are also pages which will give you a basic outline of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Australian Kelpie breeds, and some more information about us!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries about either of our breeds here at Amakhosi, the use of one of our stud dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks only), or a puppy enquiry.

We do not breed large numbers of litters, but it is possible that one of our boys may have a litter of puppies available even if we are not expecting a litter here.